70 Rainey Austin Architecture

The Architecture of 70 Rainey

Luxury condominiums in the new 70 Rainey are housed in uniquely designed architecture, which is a delight for both residents and architects alike. From over 21,000 square feet of beautifully designed outdoor amenity space, to world-class interior finish options, 70 Rainey is rewriting the book on luxury high-rise condominiums. Read on to learn more about the architecture of 70 Rainey street, and meet the team behind 70 Rainey’s design.

Luxury Landscaping

The building's landscaping is a study in architectural ecology. The exterior wall of the garage podium is artfully lined with draped vines and dense vegetation, forming a living wall in an unassuming space. One hundred feet above ground, the 20,000-square-foot amenity deck has a garden planted with flowers and native trees. Add to that private nooks, garden alcoves, an outdoor kitchen, and secluded seating areas to provide a personal refuge for residents.

10th Floor Amenity Oasis

In addition to the luxury condominiums and their interior amenities, the tenth floor of the building hosts an Infinity Edge Pool with views of the downtown Austin skyline and Lady Bird Lake, and an indoor lounge and clubhouse that take full advantage of the spectacular view. Built with floor to ceiling glass windows, the architecture lends itself to incredible views while also serving as a functional amenity space.

The Designers

The designer, MARKZEFF Design, specializes in interiors that blend organic elements with the firm’s own custom-made modern style. For 30 years, the firm has created homes for celebrity clients, boutique hotels, upscale spas, apartments, and restaurants all over the world. Their experience in creating luxury spaces comes through in 70 Rainey’s creative interior options, while also showcasing creative Austin-inspired aesthetics.

The Architect

The Architect, PAGE, was founded in Austin in 1898 and played a large role in shaping the city for over a century, taking pride in designing with the local needs and surrounding neighborhoods in mind. The firm has grown into an international architecture and engineering company with six offices in the United States and projects around the globe. Their goal in designing 70 Rainey was to insure it will serve as an anchor for the creativity and dynamism of this growing district.

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