Smart Homes in Austin, Texas

The Advanced Technology of 70 Rainey's Modern Residences

At this point in time, Austin has established a well-earned reputation as a leader in technological innovation and urban livability. As such, it's no surprise that many downtown Austin condos come equipped with the most advanced features on the market. The new luxury condos currently under construction at 70 Rainey are setting the standard for 21st century high-end living in Austin. Here's a quick overview of the advanced technology you'll find at 70 Rainey.

Energy-Efficient Design and Hardware

Built from the ground up to minimize energy use, 70 Rainey is striving towards a the prestigious LEED certification. What's more, it can claim a Austin Energy Green Building rating thanks to its low carbon footprint. Next-generation windows outfitted with dual-pane, low-emission glass greatly minimize HVAC energy consumption demands. Energy-efficient LED lights in every condominium deliver outstanding illumination for years without fail while sipping trivial amounts of electricity.

State-of-the-Art Climate Control

At 70 Rainey, every condo includes a slew of advanced hardware and circuitry that will create an ideal environment tailored to your tastes. Sophisticated horizontal above-ceiling HVAC ducts deliver outstanding cooling during Austin's notoriously balmy summer months. On top of that, every condo includes custom wiring for motorized window shades that allow owners to regulate solar heating should they choose to have such window shades installed. Low-VOC paints ensure that indoor air quality is topnotch.

Fast and Omnipresent Web Connectivity

No Austin condo worth its salt features the kinds of web access options that are merely "good enough" in other cities. The residences at 70 Rainey are wired with the latest fiber-optic cable to guarantee that you get world-class download speeds the second you move in. What's more, insanely fast Wi-Fi is available throughout amenity spaces for residents that need to stay connected outside of their homes.

Top-Notch Security Features

Today’s residents expect effective security protection. At 70 Rainey, access to the premises is tightly controlled via electronic entry procedures, impervious hardware, and 24/7 concierge/staff. No expense is spared to ensure that only residents and their guests are allowed to enter the property.

The Downtown Austin Condo of the Future, Today

Nowadays, new condos in Austin are a dime a dozen. What truly sets 70 Rainey’s waterfront condos in Austin apart is their available tech. The properties at 70 Rainey are blazing a new path to a high-tech residential experience. If you want the luxury condo of your dreams that's not living in the past, 70 Rainey delivers.