Rainey Street: Where You Ought to Be

We can't help but be excited about all that's happening in our neighborhood. In case you haven’t ventured out there yet, Rainey Street is in the historical east end in downtown Austin and it's one of the fastest growing parts of downtown Austin real estate you'll find.

Beloved Bars

In our part of town, the hottest bars and spectacular restaurants are popping up on every corner. Among the exciting them is restaurant and beer bar Anthem, where American favorite dishes like fries will be served with a splash of Asian ingredients like togarashi. Also new to the area is Unbarlievable, a circus themed watering hole with a circular bar, backyard and creative drink menu. Well known and loved bars nearby include Half Step and Craft Pride, both with outdoor seating for balmy evenings and a great beer selection to choose from.

Dining Options

Among familiar restaurants in the area are Emmer & Rye, where you'll find a unique dining experience. A large dim sum cart is in constant circulation and the menu is ever changing, so don’t be surprised that nearly all the customers are regulars. Another can't-miss spot is G'Raj Mahal, a food truck turned restaurant with the best in Indian food and a fun ambiance. Bangers is a favorite for everything from evenings to weekend brunch. It showcases some of the best beer, sausage and country music in the state. Great pizza and Mexican food are also nearby. Your decision on where to dine can be made on the spot on Rainey Street.

Have a party at 70 Rainey

Going out will be a blast, but coming home will be the best part. Enjoy a nightcap from our 10th floor viewing deck while taking in the western sunset. Wake up to see the sun rise over the glistening rooftop pool and gardening space. Your visitors will be wowed however you choose to entertain. And with proximity to downtown, your commute to and from work will be a breeze.

Contact 70 Rainey Today!

Stop by our sales gallery to learn more about all that's coming to Rainey Street. Whether you're new to the area or looking to upgrade your living space within the fast growing downtown Austin real estate market, 70 Rainey is the perfect place to call home. We love this town and we know you'll love what's happening here. Call us today to see how we can help put you in the heart of the Rainey Street District.