Questions to ask Your Real Estate Agent When Looking at Condos in Downtown Austin

Looking for a new home in Austin, Texas? Luxury condos in downtown Austin are a hot commodity currently, which is largely due to our growing city. When you buy a condo in downtown Austin, you’ll be close to incredible nightlife, shops, work opportunities, outdoor recreation on Lady Bird Lake, and more! While you may be ready to make your move to downtown Austin, it’s important to ask your real estate a few questions to help you make a better buying decision. Read on to see what to ask, and contact 70 Rainey today to learn more about our new condos in Austin.

How Safe Is It to Live in Downtown Austin?

Anytime you live in a busy urban area, crime is understandably a concern. Make sure to ask your real estate agent about the security measures in place at the properties you look at. At our new condos in Austin, we have enhanced security features, such as secured parking and a concierge desk. Some areas, such as the Rainey Street area, have a lower crime rate and lots of foot traffic to keep the area lively. While you should always take steps to stay safe when you are in an urban area, you can relax and enjoy peace of mind when living at 70 Rainey, located in downtown neighborhood that has a calmer character during the week days.

Is Noise a Concern?

Many people who are thinking about buying luxury condos in downtown Austin want to be part of the active nightlife scene, but you’ll probably want to leave that behind when you head home. Ask about the noise levels at every property you visit. At 70 Rainey, we provide residents a quiet, peaceful home environment. Our engineering team has taken steps to reduce sound through double-paned variable width glass curtain walls, vertical ventilation systems, and more. In addition, our condos are all located above the 11th floor bringing you up and away from noise on the streets down below.

What Amenities Can I Expect to Find?

The amenities in new condos in Austin vary substantially, so it’s wise to compare the options carefully. Our condos, for example, offer secured parking, an outdoor pool with a view of downtown, a first floor restaurant, second floor terraced bar, first floor retail, 20,000 sq. ft. of outdoor space, a concierge desk and more. These amenities can dramatically improve your quality of life, so take time to explore and compare the amenities before you make a final buying decision.

What Other Living Expenses Do I Need to Know About?

Living in a condo provides excellent amenities that can save you money along the way. At 70 Rainey, we provide a yoga deck and a state of the art fitness center for all your fitness needs. Our infinity pool has expansive views of downtown Austin, so you won’t need to go far for entertainment. Condo living also provides of the luxury of being downtown, near work, food, and entertainment. Some even find downtown living works best without a car, saving you money on gas and car insurance

Meet with Our Sales Associates Today

Buying a new condo in the downtown Austin area can be a life-changing experience. With so many options to consider, spend ample time exploring the options with your agent. Interested in 70 Rainey? Stop by our sales gallery at 78 Rainey Street today to learn more about our available condos!