How Living in Luxury Penthouses Can Make Traveling Easier

While owning a house has long been an important part of the American dream, lately that part of the dream has started to shift to living in a luxury penthouse. This shift has happened for a number of reasons.

The first is the continuing trend towards living in and around cities. As the populations of urban areas continue to increase, more and more people live in apartments, condominiums, and penthouses than live in a house on their own plot of land.

These spaces are even more attractive due to the fact that many of the amenities, as well as the care of the building and surrounding space, are handled for you. Not only does this promote a feeling of living in the lap of luxury while you’re at home, it also makes other areas of your life, such as traveling, much easier. At 70 Rainey, our proximity to the Austin airport is just the beginning. From our top notch security to our concierge services, living at 70 Rainey can allow you to travel with ease.

Luxury penthouse services include building security and concierge services. You can let them know when you’ll be out of town and they’ll keep an eye on your place for you. You can trust the concierge to keep the building secure, making sure no one is able to access your condo.

The same goes for your car. If you’re flying and leaving your car behind it will be kept safe in a secure garage that can only be accessed by other residents of our luxury condominium building. These garages also tend to come equipped with security cameras, so if someone does manage to access your car, not only can building security act right away, but they can also access video footage to help identify the culprit.

Finally, pet owners are always anxious when leaving their furry friends behind when they travel, but there’s no need to worry when you’re leaving them in a luxury penthouse. Not only will they have plenty of room to move about and play while you’re gone, but dog walkers will love taking your best friend around the beautiful grounds provided by the luxury condominium.

On the other hand, maybe you won’t ever leave. With so much space, and such well-maintained beauty in your luxury condominium, why would you want to travel when every day at home is like a vacation? At 70 Rainey, we bring “staycation” to a whole new level. Contact us or come by the sales gallery to learn more about the luxurious amenities that come with living in our penthouses.