Rooftop Garden Austin, Texas

Bring The Outdoors in – Staying Connected to Nature While Living in Our Luxury Condos

Some may say that one of the largest benefits of living in a house is having a yard, and enjoying more outdoor living space. However, others place more value on location, and would sacrifice outdoor space for the convenience and excitement that downtown living provides. At 70 Rainey, you don’t have to choose between outdoor space and a downtown location. Our luxury condos offer residents the chance to have plenty of outdoor space while still residing in the heart of the city. Read on to see how we bring the outdoors in with the amenities at our downtown condos!

Large Balconies

Staying connected to nature in our downtown Austin condos is easier than ever. All of our floor plans offer large balconies providing easy access to private outdoor spaces that can be customized to your personal taste, and many include a stunning view of Lady Bird Lake and Austin’s downtown skyline. Transforming your balcony into a relaxing outdoor space allows you to get fresh air and expands the living area beyond the inside walls.

Indoor Plants

Another wonderful way to bring the outdoors in is with the use of plants. Many plants thrive indoors. Bamboo, for example, has long been grown indoors in many Asian countries. The thick bark and dark leaves can help make any interior space feel like being in a wonderfully lush jungle. Texans also may want to play homage to the region's many desert plants with succulents and cacti. Other kinds of plants that do well indoors include aloe, spider plants, English ivy, rubber trees and snake plants.

Access to a Sky deck

Our downtown Austin condos also have another wonderful benefit: access to a beautiful sky deck perched 100 ft above the ground. Just like a community park, the sky deck has lots of green plants and many places to soak up the sun. It also boasts magnificent views of the downtown skyline, making for a perfect sunset dinner or after-work cocktail. Take a stroll through the garden or simply relax among the flowers in our over 31,000 square feet of private residential amenity space.

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At 70 Rainey, there’s no need to worry about upkeep on a lawn. No need to spend hours mowing the yard and battling weeds in the hot summer sun. Enjoy your own low maintenance outdoor space while still in the heart of downtown Austin at 70 Rainey. Our luxury condos have a nature-forward design that provides the outdoor amenities you want and need. Stop by our sales gallery today to see how easy it is to have a luxury space and still remain connected to the outdoors.