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2019 Interior Design Trends: 70 Rainey is Your Canvas

As the new year rings in, you may be looking for decorating ideas to brighten and refresh your interior. The new luxury condos of 70 Rainey in Austin, Texas, inspire the imagination. The large floor to ceiling windows, glass balcony panels and wide plank wood flooring bring in natural light and provide expanses of clean, open space to reflect your tastes. As you select your color palette, consider furnishings and personalize your space, here are a few trends that top designers are highlighting for interior décor for 2019.

Bold Coloring

Dramatic colors form backdrops to furnishings, artwork, and textures, bringing substance and balance to the modern design of these high-end condos. A single-color wall in a bold tone, such as indigo, red or emerald green, can serve as a focal point, highlight an architectural feature or define an area. Play off this background to round out the color scheme. To select colors that complement one another, designers recommend working with a color wheel. Colors next to one another and those on opposite sides of the wheel are usually good pairs.

As you identify colors that appeal, pay attention to undertones, which may be yellow, red, blue or green. Take paint samples home to compare shades with other colors in the room. Color gives a room ambiance. Colors with cool undertones, such as blues, greens, and purple, are soothing. They give a feeling of water or ice and make a room seem larger. Meo Mint is a bold, futuristic color tone that is predicted to rise in popularity at the turn of the next decade. Warm colors, such as reds, oranges, and yellows, evoke heat and emotion. They make a room seem cozy and intimate. Living Coral, a bold shade of orange with golden undertones, is a trending color for 2019. Coral tones mesh well with 70 Rainey’s interior finish choices such as glossy white cabinetry and custom brass hardware.

Layering for Dramatic Impact

This year, designers are highlighting jewel tones that work with layered colors and textures. Layering brings all the elements of a room together to make a high-impact statement. Black and white accessories, textured throw rugs, architectural detail, lighting, and patterned wall treatments can create a rich, dramatic space. Wall color, furnishings, lighting, window treatments, books, knickknacks, and flooring contribute to the look.

Clever use of contrast makes a room visually interesting. Pair metals with wood or other natural elements, juxtapose pattern with solids and group large and small objects. The smooth surface of hardwood floors contrasts nicely with the rough surfaces of brick and stone. Suspend a metallic pendant light over a wooden dining table or in front of a colorful wall. In the bedroom, a woven bedspread balances the expanse of smooth walls.

Artisanal, Handmade and Sustainable

The unique is what makes your space your own, defining your personality and taste. Designers accentuate artisanal pieces strategically placed to give a room character. These natural elements provide a relaxing contrast to the tech elements prominent in life today. A family heirloom, antique rugs, terracotta objects or vintage light fixtures add the perfect touch to a well-designed interior.

Plants give a feeling of nature, life and the outdoors, complementing the organic layers incorporated into the design of 70 Rainey. As for indoor garden trends, bigger is better. Large tropical species such as Fishtail palm, Ming Aralia, or Chinese Fan palm can bring unique character and color to a large, open space. To highlight an indoor plant, use directional lighting to create dramatic shadows and shapes on the walls and ceiling.

As you define your new decor, choose elements that reflect your taste and create the atmosphere you want for your home. Some details, such as paint and furnishings, are easily changed. Other elements, such as flooring, are more challenging to remodel. As design trends come into and go out of style, incorporating classic elements that transcend fashion will ensure that your living space will be pleasant and enjoyable for years to come.

Modern Luxury Condos for Any Style

The luxury condos at 70 Rainey are a blank slate for any designer. Our spacious residences feature floor-to-ceiling windows, approximately 10-foot ceilings, and custom MARKZEFF-designed interior finishes. The meticulously designed living spaces give our residents the finest luxury living experience in Austin.